Shreyas Talpade latest photo

The ‘Marathi Mulga’ Shreyas Talpade who has only been seen in a few multi – starrer comedies in the recent past reveals his willingness to produce movies in Marathi and promote the rich heritage of Marathi culture to our youth. His first movie as a producer ‘Sanai Choughade’ was in 2008. And now after 5 years he has announced his second home production, ‘Poshter Boyj’. He said, “I was busy completing my acting commitments hence could not concentrate on making films. I feel that we need to entertain audiences with Marathi films too. Marathi has great literary background and I want to bring it alive.”


The launch of ‘Poshter Boyj’ was done by the industry’s showman, Subhash Ghai. Thanking the filmmaker, Shreyas
says, “Our first film happened because of Subhashji and I feel privileged to have him with us for the launch. He is the first one to make us realise our potentials. He was also the first director who brought my acting calibre on the silver screen.”

Shreyas also revealed how much he is inspired by Shahrukh Khan and how much faith he has in him and others from the industry. He says, “I have seen the enthusiasm in Shah Rukh Khan as an actor and as a producer too, something that I have watched closely. I have imbibed his qualities as a producer. I have seen him deeply involved in the production. Shahrukh has worked very hard and I will carry forward these learning experiences.” A confident actor-producer says that his Bollywood buddies will always help him. “I am sure that if I need SRK for my promotional activities he will definitely accept my invitation. He has always come forward to help his peers. I can also approach Akki Bhai (Akshay Kumar) and Ajay (Devgn) if the need arises to promote ‘Poshter Boyj’,” says Shreyas.

Shreyas has worked in several sex comedies in recent past, with heavy dosage of double meaning dialogues. But the actor says that his home production will not be similar. “This film will be clean from any double meaning dialogues and can be watched with the entire family. I don’t want any vulgarity in our films. We want to promote the rich heritage of Marathi culture to our youth. There will be comic dialogues as well. I feel that if the youth can watch such Hindi films then why not Marathi ones?” Despite having turned producer, acting will remain his first love. Shreyas will play a superhero in a Marathi film titled ‘Baji’. He reveals, “I can boast that I am the superhero from Marathi cinema. I will not be flying high and rescuing anyone from flying aeroplane. But this hero can be related to ‘Phantom’ comics, ones which we have grown up reading.”