I dance better than Madhuri Dixit - Shahrukh Khan

Dubai was star-studded on December 1, for Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Madhuri Dixit and YoYo Honey Singh took to the Dubai Cricket Stadium on 1 December for the ‘Access All Areas Concert ‘and rocked it. In an interview Shahrukh spoke about how he feels about the face-off with Madhuri Dixit.

Shahrukh said, “I’m very nervous! Madhuri thought of this idea when we were sitting backstage in Australia, after performing One Two Three Four. And as we all know, Ek Do Teen has always been one of the best songs of Madhuri’s career. So she took it as a challenge and at the face-off, she did my steps and I did hers, but it’s all in fun.” The interviewer further said, “It would be fun if you manage to dance better than Madhuri.” On that Shahrukh replied spontaneously, “I do dance better than her!”


On being asked if Deepika Padukone or Madhuri Dixit have ever given him any dancing tips, he said “Madhuri is a brilliant dancer so when she is on stage no one looks at you and Deepika is so tall, you can just hide behind her (laughs). “