Om Puri interviews

This was not how we wanted 2017 to begin. Bollywood woke up to the news of veteran actor Om Puri‘s sudden demise. How to mourn enough for such a loss? From his contemporaries to his youngsters, artistes are expressing heartfelt grief.

This takes us back to the days on which we were lucky enough to indulge in some candid conversation with him. Unlike any other heavyweight personality, he would never escape into diplomacy. He was probably the straight-on-your-face kind of personality we interviewed.


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Check out these interviews of Om Puri wherein he opened his heart out to Bollywood Bubble. From interesting revelations to witty jokes, we are going to cherish his words forever!

‘One stark difference between Bollywood and Hollywood: Discipline’


‘Half of the people in the parliament are uneducated and ignorant!’


‘Amitabh Bachchan should reduce his work in films because actors of my age have to suffer’

You’ll be missed, sir!