Narendra Modi - Salman Khan

The Salman-Modi meet on the day of Uttarayan has been much talked about. They had spent time flying kites and had a talk over lunch in Ahmedabad. Salman was there to promote his upcoming movie ‘Jai Ho’ which is based on a political background.

Now as per sources, Salman Khan told a news channel that Modi need not apologize for the Gujarat Riots of 2002. He also said that Modi should not apologize since the judiciary has already exonerated him. He said, “Why would Modi say sorry if he is not responsible for it. And if he is responsible for it then why the judiciary gave him a clean chit, why nothing happened?”

He further said that, ” I don’t want to take any name regarding the best candidate for the PM post as I do not want my judgment to influence millions of fans across India. If I take a name my fans will support the person, then it will be unfair to the rest of the people.”

He further said that, “I had gone to Gujarat to promote my film Jai Ho on Makar Sankranti, not to endorse Narendra Modi.”


Salman Khan who is to play the people’s man in ‘Jai Ho’ said, “I am a people’s person and I saw that people are happy with Modi in Gujarat. Modi is very cultured, I had an amazing interaction with him. I am impressed by the development in Gujarat and the way women in my team and my sister were treated. I was amazed to see his voters and fans. They are very happy with him and they said that he is a good man.”

On being asked whom will he vote for, Salman said, “I live in Bandra, I will vote for my friends who I know do a lot of work there. But if there is a better candidate from other constituency, I will tell people to vote for that candidate. Just because I am voting for that person doesn’t mean that everyone should vote for him. We live in a democratic country, I will do what I want to do as long as it is not hurting anyone.”

Seems like Salman has developed a soft corner for Narendra Modi post their lunch date. So will even Modi take a stand for Salman Khan being dragged into Muzaffarnagar Riots?