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Mahhi Vij loves being addressed as Tara’s mother. People who are close to her, know that Mahhi wanted to become a mother for many years, but unfortunately suffered several complications in her pregnancies. In fact, in this emotional interview, Mahhi discusses about her failed IVFs, losing hope and the difficult times she has battled for the same. But everything changed once she had Tara and Mahhi reveals that her child has brought her lady luck, too. A completely hands-on mother, Mahhi shares how life is with Tara around and how husband Jay Bhanushali and the entire family’s support has worked in their favour. Not just that, she also talks about her foster kids Khushi and Rajveer and reveals that she’s regularly in touch with them and explains the real reason why they don’t stay with them anymore. But regardless of the truth, both Jay and Mahhi have regularly battled public judgment and trolling that accused them of “not taking care” of their foster kids. Addressing the issue, Mahhi has set the records clear once and for all, in this unfiltered chat. Watch it right now.


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