Mishti Begum Jaan

Srijit Mukherji’s ‘Begum Jaan’ is out at theatres. An official remake of Mukherji’s ‘Rajkahini’, the film has received mixed response at the box office and from the critics as well. However, we wholeheartedly agree on one point. The supporting actresses in ‘Begum Jaan’ were no less powerful than Vidya Balan herself!

We recently got talking to Mishti, who after her debut film ‘Kanchi’, bagged a brief but important role in the film. We of course asked how she landed this one and she had all the answer!

“I knew Srijit Da since I was in Kolkata. He called me to audition for one of his films. It was called ‘Mishar Rahasya’. I was very small then, I was almost a kid. I went for the audition. But he didn’t like me that time! (laughs) After that, ‘Kanchi’ happened to me. I have been in talks with Srijit da throughout. He himself gave me the DVDs of all his films. He would ask me what all am I doing and I would ask him about his films. Most of his films have these very mature female characters and I didn’t fit into any of them earlier. After he came to Mumbai, he told me he was starting with his first Bollywood film. I was like ‘Okay, congratulations!’ I went to meet him but I never wondered if I’d do the film. One day he asked me, ‘do you want to do this role’?,” Mishti said.


“At first, I wasn’t sure. But ‘Rajkahini’ is a fantastic movie and Srijit Mukherji is someone I always wanted to work with. If I have to choose one director from Bengal that I’d love to work with, it would be him. I think I’ve said this in a lot of interviews. I was a little hesitant at first, because it’s an ensemble cast and you might get lost in the crowd. But I thought over it. I knew, if Srijit da is offering me something, it had to be good!,” she added.

‘Mishar Rahasya’, which didn’t happen to Mishti, went to Tridha Choudhury (another popular face in Bengali and now national TV). But as they say, what happens, happens for the good!

After ‘Kanchi’ released, we heard Mishti was going to sign a three-film deal with Subhash Ghai and that she would also feature opposite Salman Khan soon. Any truth in it?

“Yes, I did sign a three-film deal with Subhash Ghai. But we don’t yet know what would be our next project. Regarding a film with Salman Khan, I think they’re just assumptions. Nothing such is happening as of now,” she smiles as she signs off.

Okay then!