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Jackie Shroff is celebrating his birthday on February 1, 2022. The actor known for his down to earth personality is one of the most dashing stars of Bollywood. In his decades-long career, the handsome star has not only started some fashion trends but also mesmerised fans with his performances.

Jackie Shroff is universally loved as a star and has also performed varied roles in most of his hit flicks. But he is also looked upon as a fashion icon with his hatke choice of Bandhani shirts. low waist jeans and bandana look. Though all this has become a trend at present it was the star who started this trend.


Jackie Shroff has also performed passionate intimate scenes with his leading ladies onscreen. However, in the past, the actor had revealed that he felt embarrassed when he kissed Madhuri Dixit in Vardi and Juhi Chawla in Aaina.

In an old interview, posted on Reddit Jackie confessed that he was quite embarrassed to kiss them.

He said, “I’ve kissed Madhuri Dixit in Vardi and Juhi Chawla in Aaina, but I felt embarrassed about it. Brandy shots helped me kiss other women on screen. I was called Sexy Shroff and considered macho, but I shied away from doing kissing scenes.

Jackie Shroff has also given up on all the vices like drinking and smoking. The reason the actor has quit plenty of his vices is that he wants to pull up to the 70s, the way Amitabh Bachchan and Dev Anand has.

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