Vinod Khanna's two wives and affair with amrita singh

Veteran actor Vinod Khanna passed away today at the age of 70, creating a void in Indian cinema that will be hard to fill. With a robust built and charming persona, Vinod Khanna was a man straight out of every woman’s fantasy, in his youth. Good looks and talent to match with, made this Punjabi boy with no affiliation with Bollywood, a heartthrob of the era.


However, while everything may look hunky-dory on the celluloid, things were not so smooth for him behind the same. Vinod Khanna’s life had its share of ups and downs. With two wives, a spiritual connection that resulted in divorce, and even a brush of affair with a rising actress of the time. (Also Read: Vinod Khanna died due to advanced bladder carcinoma, here’s the official statement from hospital)

While we mourn the actor who was larger than life, let us take a look at this unexplored facet of Vinod Khanna’s personal life.