Ranbir Kapoor's nickname given by Raj Kapoor

The Kapoor family is a prominent name in Bollywood. The family has had an immense contribution in the development of Hindi cinema and rightly so. From the first to the current (fourth) generation, they have been known to leave behind an everlasting stamp of theirs through their work (films). However, there’s one more point of interest in the Kapoor family, and that’s their adorable nicknames. And of course, these are the names by which they are not just addressed in their homes, but also in media and by their fans as well.

We all know that Kapoor brothers, Randhir Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor and Rajiv Kapoor are known as Dabboo, Chintu and Chimpu respectively. Randhir Kapoor’s daughters Karisma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan have got the nicknames Lolo and Bebo respectively.

However, in their current lot of Kapoors, heartthrob of the generation Ranbir Kapoor is perhaps the only one who is not known by a nickname. Fans might be wondering that in a family full of nicknames, how could someone miss naming Ranbir?


But, we dug and found something interesting. According to facts, Ranbir does have a nickname, and that was christened by none other than his grandfather, late veteran actor-filmmaker Raj Kapoor. And the name was, wait for it, ‘Gunglu’. (Also Check: Real and Reel meet: Ranbir Kapoor visits Sanjay Dutt’s residence to discuss the biopic)

Didn’t that just bring a smile to your face. The name is such a munchkin, and from Ranbir’s childhood pictures, we can say it suited him well, for we know what a cute and chubby baby he was. Not to deny that he is still devastatingly cute and handsome.

Till date, no one in the industry is aware of this cute nickname of the current scion of Kapoor khandaan. Though the name did not stick like it did for his uncles and cousins, nevertheless, we love this cute nickname of Ranbir Kapoor. From Kapoor senior to Kapoor junior, this was indeed a very cute choice of a name for Ranbir.

Didn’t that just make your day?