Many would refer to him as the comedy king of Bollywood. Govinda, although he is witnessing a downfall in his career these days, was once the indisputable king of comedy who made us laugh umpteen number of times.

However, as they say, those spreading maximum laughter are often the ones to live with maximum tragedy. Govinda is no exception. The shattering incident took place many years back when he lost his first daughter.

Contrary to what many believe or know, Narmada (or Tina) Ahuja is not really his eldest daughter.


Govinda and wife Sunita’s first daughter was a premature baby, and unfortunate died when she was just four months old. One can not begin to imagine what a father must be going through on the loss of his child. Are there even words to help him to grieve? We guess, no.

In one of his old interviews, Govinda had said, “I have seen 11 deaths in my family, including my first daughter who died when she was four months as she was a premature baby and my mother, my father, my two cousins, my jija and my sister. Then their companies had shut down, so they had no work. All their kids were brought up by me. There was a lot of emotional and financial pressure.”

Kudos to the man who never smile let go off his face!