Wow - Salman Khan to launch 'Jai Ho' trailer in theater

Superstar Salman Khan has come up with an innovative idea of launching the trailer of his movie ‘Jai Ho’. This is an idea that was conceived by him and his brother Sohail, for the first time in the history of Bollywood a film’s trailer will be launched in a theater in the presence of movie goers.


According to sources, Sallu is all set to unveil the trailer of ‘Jai Ho’,at Chandan Cinema on 5 December, as he wants the common man to get the first glimpse of the film. He will also interact with them and seek their reaction to his movie , that is a story of a common man’s war against Corruption.

The movie that has the Dabangg Khan in the lead is a remake of hit Telugu movie Stalin and is scheduled to be released on January 24.