Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan is one of the fittest actors in Bollywood and has a body to die for. The actor, who will next be seen in ‘Kaabil’ had to undergo a certain transformation for his role. Hrithik had gained a few pounds for the film, but being a dedicated person that he is, he immediately lost it after wrapping up the film.


A source says, “Hrithik’s fans have admired his body. In fact, he has inspired many with his fitness goals. However, for his role in ‘Kaabil’, the actor had to put on some weight, as the character demanded the look. This was the heaviest he has ever been.”

So after he wrapped up the shooting of the film, Hrithik immediately got back to being his perfect self and to everyone’s surprise, he trained for three hours everyday for nine weeks, and lost 7 kgs. The source reveals, “It essentially included an hour and a half of mobility and cardio training in the morning, and an equal duration of callisthenics and weight training in the evening. He has also gained considerable amount of strength as he is doing exercises that he has never done before. He has changed his diet as well”.

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Hrithik himself said, “My physicality for ‘Kaabil’ had to be in tune with the role I play, as the idea was to not make my character too sharp. I was not required to be the way I was in ‘Bang Bang’ (2014) or ‘Krrish’ (2006). So, I enjoyed following a more lenient diet (smiles). But since the last nine weeks, my trainer and I are following an extensive and strict workout regime. He has planned everything so perfectly.”

Now this is what we call dedication.