Salman Khan

Superstar Salman Khan has been approached by Siddharth Basu production house to revive Dus Ka Dum a popular show that was earlier hosted by the Dabangg Khan.


As per sources, Salman Khan had earlier stated that he would love to do another season of ‘Dus Ka Dum’.  Now it seems that the channel is also thinking about bringing it back and so they have confered the idea to Salman about reviving it. Looks like the Khan is interested so they are just waiting for Salman Khan to confirm his dates.

Quite recently Salman khan was hard saying that he will not be doing the next season of Bigg Boss. The reason given was that  he found the behavior of the inmates very much childish . But the real truth is that Endemol,the production house and Salman Khan are at odds with each other,  as there is no clear communication between the two.
Seems like the way is clear for the launch of Dus Ka Dum sometimes soon.