Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar while shooting for his latest action film ‘Boss’, was taken back in time while shooting for it in Delhi and Bangkok. The two places hold innnumerable memories for action Kumar. While Akshay was brought up in Delhi, he learned martial arts and was a chef in Bangkok.


An emotional Akshay revealed that while shooting in Delhi and Bangkok, “I was really emotional when I was shooting in Chandni Chowk as my childhood home was very nearby. I drove past it during the night and thought of all the fun I had there in my childhood days. I studied martial arts in Bangkok and still remember the time when I used to street fight for some extra money. When I saw the small room where I used to reside, it brought back a lot of memories for me and I had to fight back the tears as I did not want to cry in front of my wife, Twinkle and son, Aarav.”

Well, truly a long journey for the Khiladi Kumar; one day frying noodles and the next remembering lines for his first movie. Truly a Rags to Riches story.