Superstar Shahrukh Khan who is at present in Dubai shooting for Farah Khan’s ‘Happy New Year’with Deepika Padukone and Abhishek Bachchan.


SRK was in his elements entertaining a selected group of fans at ‘Hotel Atlantis ‘. He not only exchanged kisses and hugs but also swayed to the in numerous dance numbers from his movies on his fans requests.
SRK expressed the love for his fans thus,”You can ask me to do anything…sing,dance…whatever. I will entertain you because that’s what I do best”
Shahrukh Khan’s sense of humour was revealed when a girl at the event said that the last time he shook her hands, half of the Karachi wanted to do shake her hands. Shahrukh hugged and kissed her and said that now half of Karachi would want to kiss you the next time.

he gave the Dubai fans a night to remember for the rest of their lives.So is it surprising that he is known as the Badshah.