Shahid Kapoor's bike's brakes failed

Shahid Kapoor’s next ‘Phata Poster Nikla Hero’ with Ileana D’Cruz is an action packed movie. Shahid worked hard to maintain the physique needed for the movie and also performed most of his stunts. But there was a stunt that went wrong but only Sasha’s presence of mind averted the disaster.


As per sources, Shahid said that during a chase sequences he had to drive the bike at a speed of 120 kmph and the brakes failed, “One of the brakes failed and one of the handles was broken. While shooting, the bike skid and got damaged. I have been riding bikes for 10 years now, so that helped me gain control. Thankfully, I managed to get all the shots right. Action is the most difficult genre for an actor. It’s extremely tiring so we need to be very fit. In fact, even after finishing the shoot, I’d go and train some more.”
Well good to see that our heroes are not just all Brawn but they have Brains too.