Jhanvi Kapoor Sridevi

Sridevi and Boney Kapoor’s daughter Jhanvi Kapoor is often finding herself in news for her much-awaited Bollywood debut. Not sure when is it going to happen though!

Mom Sridevi is often bombarded with questions about her daughter too!  At a recent interview, she even said how she would rather like her daughter to marry and have a peaceful life rather than pursuing a career in acting. Of course, it stirred a controversy. (Also Read: Sridevi clarifies on her statement of wanting to see her daughters getting married)


However, the doting wife that she is, Sridevi was gushing about her mutual fondness for husband Boney Kapoor, even after two decades of marriage. It was then that she ended up revealing the kind of man that Jhanvi also wants in her life!

“I am lucky I have him. After my parents passed away, Boney ji has been my father, mother and husband. We’ve been married for 22 years but even today, people tell me his eyes light up when he talks about me. I take credit for that, I’ve worked really hard. Yes, I bully him and so does he, but all in jest. Jhanvi says she doesn’t find such happiness in her friends’ homes and wants a man just like her dad,” she said, whole conversing to Mumbai Mirror.

That’s cute. For every daughter, father is the first hero!