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As India celebrates its 69th Independence Day on Saturday, IANS spoke to a few Bollywood celebrities to get an idea of what freedom means to them.

‘Masaan’ star Richa Chadha said: “Freedom for every Indian girl first and foremost is to take birth. She should then take up education, choose the career of her choice and marry the person she wishes to. As of now, if something of this magnitude happens, it’d still be a significant development.”

“Like it is for all, freedom to me is freedom of expression, speech, living and thinking. It is important that we appreciate the freedom we have. It is important to know that our forefathers have fought a very big battle so that we can enjoy the prosperous India we live in,” actor Zayed Khan said.


“The fact remains how far we have come and how far we go. I wish everybody a very happy Independence Day, a happy 15th August. Keep the flag flying high, do your best, never shame yourself and be a proud Indian,” he added.

Famous Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor said: “Our country is not free yet. I celebrate 15th August for those who have fought for us. Freedom will be when I don’t see anyone (living or sleeping) on road. When all will have homes, all will be happy, that will be the real freedom,”

Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife Suzzane Khan said: “Independence is about being yourself, being true to yourself and being happy with what you are. If you are a confident person, you can make everybody around you happy. That is the most true sense of Independence.”

Tisca Chopra said: “Independence has been achieved only physically. Men still haven’t achieved independence in their heads mentally. They still treat woman as an object. ”

“Freedom cannot truly exist unless you know what a great, valuable opportunity it is. With freedom comes responsibility. If you know your fundamental rights and duties in a better manner, you can enjoy freedom in a better way as citizens of the country and citizens of the world,” Dia Mirza said.

Actress Kriti Sanon said: “In India everyone should have the same freedoms, be it a girl or boy, upper caste or lower caste or from any religion. In some places, girls are still not educated, put other restrictions, if we raise such small questions on a basic level then that’s the way to go towards freedom.”

Jewellery designer Farah Ali Khan, who recently launched her latest collection with Tanishq, said: “I would not have been able to design if my husband had not given me all the independence. Freedom is when you can pursue your dreams. I am lucky my husband believes me and my talent.”

We wish you a Happy Independence Day.

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