Dancing Uncle

World Wide Web is a place where anyone and everyone can get famous and become a sensation overnight. No, you don’t require any skills to do so, because if a person like ‘Dhinchak Pooja or Chai Pilo Aunty’ can earn fame with their shitty videos, then you too can get recognition on the Internet. Well, there is another category of people as well who become a household name by uploading some productive content. Say for that matter, one man from this category recently saw his dream come true. Yes, we are talking about ‘Dancing Uncle’ who had uploaded a video of himself dancing to the tunes of Govinda’s song ‘Aapke Aa Jaane Se.’


‘Dancing Uncle’ who goes by the name of Sanjeev Shrivastava, garnered a lot of appreciation. So much so that, Uncleji made appearances at various events including Madhuri Dixit’s reality show ‘Dance Deewane’. The makers of the show not only brought him onboard but also convinced Uncleji’s idol Govinda to come. And guess what? Mr.Sanjeev’s dream came true. (Also ReadWatch: Forget dancing uncle, this shirtless uncle has left even Madhuri Dixit speechless!)

Govinda readily agreed and graced the show with his presence. Not just that, ‘Dancing Uncle’ got a moment to cherish for a lifetime as he got to shake a leg with the actor on the same song ‘Aapke Aa Jaane Se’. That is so cool, haina?

In the video shared by Colors Channel on their Twitter account, Sanjeev can be seen dancing his heart out with Govinda.

Check out their video here:

This one episode is something that you cannot miss at any cost as another surprise awaits you! Tune into Colors this weekend at 9 pm.