Ranveer Singh and Pharrell Williams holi

While entire Bollywood has decided to not celebrate Holi this year following the demise of legendary actress Sridevi, Ranveer Singh did enjoy himself a little bit while celebrating this festival with American rapper, singer Pharrell Williams.

The videos of his Holi celebrations have already made it to the internet and as expected, Ranveer is in his crazy mood. The videos see him dancing like there is no tomorrow enjoying himself to the fullest. (Also Check: Candid pictures of Bollywood stars playing Holi will instantly pump up your mood)


He even danced on ‘Malhari’.

And on ‘Khali Bali’ from ‘Padmaavat’.

How can this man be so energetic all the time is beyond our imagination. This is why we love you Ranveer, as you are one in a million. *wink*