Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar is one such man in Bollywood who has always been on his toes to help the people in need. Especially, the army officers! Patriotism has deep roots in Akshay Kumar’s life, and he has never ever refrained from taking a step to make our country better. Not only does this get reflected in movies, but even in real life, Akshay does everything he can to help the nation. Not to miss, he is one of those rare honest people, who pay their taxes on time. In fact, Akshay pays his tax before time. So as Republic Day is around the corner, Akshay Kumar has come up with a superb idea to help all those families of deceased army personnel who are suffering because of lack of funding.

With a video, Akshay shared that an application should be built, wherein people who want to help can come forward and donate. While a complete transparency is maintained during the transactions, Akshay gave a complete bureau of how this application would function.

Watch the video here…


Now, isn’t this a great idea? We wish that this idea gets executed well.