Kirron Kher

Known for her sophisticated and ornate taste in expensive saris and jewellery, Kirron Kher disregards the advice that she must dress simply during her rallies as a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate for the Lok Sabha election from Chandigarh. She believes she doesn’t need to “act” like a politician and that she’d rather be “real” to win votes.

An anonymous person made the suggestion to her.



“Yesterday someone said that I should wear simple clothes during rallies. But I don’t want to do the acting of a politician. I want to be real,” the 58-year-old posted on her Twitter page.

Kirron, wife of actor Anupam Kher, wore a sari simpler than her usual taste when she filed her nomination papers in Chandigarh earlier this month.

Meanwhile, she is trying her best to be active on the online platform to connect with people in Chandigarh.

“Good morning Chandigarh! I want to keep on thanking you for the love and support that is pouring in. I promise to fulfill my duties sincerely,” she posted Monday morning.

She has even urged her followers on Twitter to “please tweet me your suggestions/advice”.

“It may not be possible for me to meet all individually, but my heart is full of warmth for you,” she added.

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