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Filmmaker Vikas Bahl is currently under the scanner after a case of sexual harassment against him has surfaced again. Bahl’s partners Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane in the Phantom production house recently issued statements and called him a ‘sexual predator’.


Kangana Ranaut too came forward and openly spoke about how Vikas would misbehave with her during the making of ‘Queen’. And now finally, Vikas has opened up on the entire issue. As per a report in Mumbai Mirror, Vikas has sent a legal notice to Anurag and Vikram asking them to withdraw the statement they have posted on the social media.

Bahl has also called both Kashyap and Motwane an opportunist who are trying to defame him. According to the report in Mirror, the notice that Vikas has mailed both his partners reads, “You are neither a witness nor the alleged victim, but instead an opportunist seeking to derive benefit based on unsubstantiated information. The alleged incident has not been established in any court of law and that you have exploited the media to propagate your own personal vendetta. However, putting [the blame of the production house shutting down] solely on Bahl is in bad taste.”

The notice also states that Vikas will file a criminal or civil defamation case against Anurag and Vikram if they fail to withdraw their statements. Not only that, but Bahl also wants them to offer an unconditional apology.

It has to be seen what Anurag and Vikram will do now. Also with so many people coming forward against Vikas Bahl, we wonder for how long he will be able to defend himself.

For more updates on this story, keep watching this space.

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