Mirror game director

Director Vijit Sharma’s psychological thriller film ‘Mirror Game‘ is all set to make it to the theatres on June 2 and going by the trailer, the film looks quite promising. Dabbling in a psychological thriller genre of films is no easy job as the content has to be strong enough to hold audience’s attention and we must say that the director has done his best to do the same. In fact, he states that he has created this film for new breed of Indian audience who want to witness content driven films.

He said, “Now, I know many would argue that what I set out to do is not main stream. But that’s the whole idea. I didn’t want to do mainstream. I wanted to make a film for the new breed of Indian audience. An audience that puts substance of content over star power, who are hungry for visually well told stories. This audience is discerning, intelligent, more evolved in their choices. They do not take a story at its face value or for its big budget. They expect and deserve a tightly knit story that transposes them into the realistic world of the characters on screen, and that’s what I have attempted to do. And in this attempt, despite of all its intricacies and revelations, I have tried to leave no questions unanswered, because I know and expect these audience to put everything under the microscope, logic, continuity, plot holes, you name it. Any filmmaker who hides behind grand sets, and a hundred backup dancers to give a film credibility cannot fool the audience. And that filmmaker is definitely not me.” (Also Read: International DOP, Joshua Echevarria, reveals how was it working with team ‘Mirror Game’)

‘Mirror Game’ stars Parvin Dabas, Pooja Batra and Omi Vaidya in lead roles and is slated to release on June 2.