Vidya Balan With Emraan Hashmi

Vidya Balan is keen to work with her costar of Ghanchakker Emraan Hashmi, again as she feels that they share a good chemistry on screen.The two of them had earlier worked in movie Dirty picture that had garnered a lot of acclaim from all sectors.


According to sources, Vidya said,”It was exciting to work with Emraan and complete the film (Ghanchakkar) and I hope there will be people who want to cast us together in many films.I hope the film’s director Rajkumar Gupta capitalizes on my on-screen chemistry with Emraan and makes another film with him.”

Vidya feeels that Emraan has changed a lot after depicting the role of a crazy character , “He is talking, smiling and laughing a lot now because of the of the kind of film we have worked together in. It is a mad, mad (and) crazy film.”

Lets hope the directors pay heed to Vidya’s request.