Twinkle Khanna

One of the wittiest ladies of B-Town, Twinkle Khanna, who is a well-known columnist and author, has landed into trouble over a recent article in her column. For those unknown, Twinkle was asked to sum the year of 2016 with a feature and she took the topic of classified ads in newspapers to give it a funny twist. She chose actor Salman Khan for the column and little did she expect that her hilarious take on the superstar will earn her so much of hatred in return from his fans.


But, we had expected it to happen and Salman Khan’s fans didn’t take the digs targeted towards their Bhai lightly. They trolled Twinkle on Twitter endlessly. Now, the actress has given it back to all the trolls with two sassy tweets.

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Have a look at the tweets below:

Now, that’s what we call a classy reply! Only Twinkle could have done it.