The Khans of Bollywood

The Khan trio is still ruling the roost nobody has been able to shake their thrones as yet.   SalmanKhan, Aamir Khan and Shahukh Khan are the Gods of  Bollywood, who are blindly worshiped by their fans all over till today.


There have been heroes like Hrithik Roshan,  Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn who have given hits but for the Khans it was like a gentle wave and did not affect their popularity. Whenever a film maker thinks of raking in moolah at Box Office they have confidence in the Khan’s to deliver. They have been working with heroines half their ages all thanks to the everlasting support of their fans.

Be it Salman, Aamir or  Shahrukh  all of them have seen failure all of them have been written of by media, but they always bounced back and what a comeback. Its due to their devotion towards work they stand where they are today.
Just imagine the way their fans await their movies; what will happen if they come together for a  movie.  All records will be broken! Well we hope that someone does bring the threesome together; it will truly be a coup.