Salman Khan now-a-days

Superstar  Salman Khan is concerned about the box office fate of his upcoming release ‘Jai Ho’ as he really likes the film and wants it to do well. But he feels that usually there is a superstition involved that a movie liked by an actor does not do well at the Box Office. He said “I hope this doesn’t happen with me with this film, because I really like it. The film has a lot of action, comedy, romance etc, and yet is not in the same format as my earlier films.”




Salman Khan feels the movies which are being made in this space now have very little work for heroes while the fighters are doing more. On the other side, the hero in his films is doing everything – from climbing, jumping, fighting, romancing to comedy.  Salman Khan accepted that he is still doing a lot of action even though he has been asked to avoid it due to his health concerns, “There is lot of physical action and I am still doing it despite not being allowed to. They are paying for the film… so we are doing as much as we can do.”

Sallu even shared a horrifying experience that took place  on the sets of ‘Jai Ho’ during the stunts of ‘Jai Ho’, a car had to come and bang into Salman and he had to roll over it and hit the windscreen.”I controlled myself but had I gone with a little more force… I would have gone through the windscreen and would have received a lot of stitches. With the kind of stunts that we do in our movies, anything could go wrong. We try to be careful as much we can.”

We would like to wish the Dabangg Khan all the best for his movie ‘Jai Ho’.