Trishala Dutt

Sanjay Dutt’s daughter Trishala Dutt is today a grown up and a responsible girl, this was revealed in her blog where she answered all the questions that were prominent in every persons mind ,the first and the foremost being her absence when her father was to surrender.¬†Speculations were rife when she did not come down from NYC.


Trishala said this in her blog “I know you all know are aware what happened to my dad I’ve been harassed as to why I’m so silent on the subject but all I want to say is this…I’ve become an elder sister to my twin siblings Iqra and Shahraan. It’s up to me to be strong for them and set a good example, being the eldest daughter of the house. There’s no such thing as having an ’emotional breakdown’ anymore. I love my father to death and I will always be his blood, his first-born, his everything.I’m just sick of people making stupid assumptions as to why I wasn’t there in India by his side during the time of judgment,”

She further added, “Did it ever occur to some of your ‘curious’ minds that maybe my father told me NOT to come?? My family is going thru an extremely difficult time right now there was heat on both of us when I wanted to be a part of Bollywood at one point (very stupid, stubborn decision of mine but I’m glad I don’t want to be a part of it anymore, I was young and wasn’t thinking with my head, I was rebelling against a lot of things and found out who I really am and what I want later on) then it was said my father and I were not getting along and a lot of untrue nonsense was going on.Now, since so much has happened in 6 years with the media between dad and I, it was best if I stayed in NYC and not gain the wrong type of attention during this difficult time with my family. ”

We Know Trishala is a strong girl and she will be a chip of the old block.