Tisca unveils Manral

Tisca Chopra launched Kiran Manral’s book “Once Upon A Crush”, here. The actress says she enjoys reading the writer’s work.

Landmark and Leadstart Publishing hosted the book launch Friday.

“‘Once Upon A Crush’ is rom-com, fun to read and yet emotional as it deals in that phase of life where things of the protagonist don’t go the way it was meant to be that resulted in protagonist questioning everything about herself,” Manral said in a statement. 


The author, whose debut novel was “The Reluctant Detective”, took inspiration for her book’s characters from “women in this age I spoke with, who are single in the city and can’t seem to find the right person to settle down with”.

Tisca admitted to being hooked to her books.

Inputs by IANS

“I enjoy reading Kiran’s book, her last book also was a page turner. The genre of easy reading and happy reading with inevitable style, she keeps you hooked on the book from the first page to the last,” said Tisca.


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