Tiger Shroff lookalike

Okay, this is the most entertaining thing we have watched today! Thanks to Facebook, a guy from Meghalaya who resembles Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff, has found his shot to fame. Forget everything and watch the video as he mouths the popular number ‘Sab Tera’ from ‘Baaghi’ and imitates junior Shroff’s expression.

In just few days, the video has garnered around 5 Lakh views and over 8000 shares. Astonishing, isn’t it? But we are not surprised. Look at the guy’s antics, and you will know why. (Also Read: Unbelievable! Tiger Shroff’s lookalike Tiger Niz bears an uncanny resemblance to him)

Watch the video below!


We earlier reported how Tiger Niz, a guy from Port Louis, Mauritius, bears shocking resemblance to the actor and is going viral for the same reason. Looks like the other lookalikes are slowly coming out as well!

Well, not a bad thing at all. The fittest actor of this generation surely inspires many. Who knows, he might be just be impressed with how many youngsters want to become what he already is!

Do we already have Tiger’s replacement, then? *Winks*