Akshay Kumar versus Shahrukh Khan

This Eid the stage is set for the battle of Titans, what with Akshay Kumar’s  OUATIM 2 and Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express clashing at Box Office. Eid is considered auspicious for new releases since Salman Khan’s  release Wanted became a super duper hit.


This time around with no Salman Khan release around the corner the two movies one a gangster romantic flick and the other a romantic comedy film will fight it out .

Akshay Kumar says,”too much should not be read into this and hope both movies will do robust business. I don’t take it as Shah Rukh vs Akshay. Two films releasing together is a positive thing. Eid is a big day and both films will do well”.

Well Akshay spoken like a true blue diplomat.