Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt

Newbie actor Arjun Kapoor finds the tag ‘Angry Young Man’, too heavy to be loaded on his shoulders as yet . He feels that it is too early in his career to be bound to an image, that is the reason he has opted to play a geek in his next ‘2 States’.

According to sources, Arjun said, “The anger you see only explodes on screen, off it, I keep it bottled within me. I can also connect with Krish’s attachment to his family, his mother in particular, and his value.”


Arjun is rumoured to be romantically involved with his costar Alia Bhatt of 2 states. To clear the air he said,”just because his co-star and he hang out together, doesn’t mean that they are in a relationship. Right now the only thing simmering between us is anger. She hasn’t seen Gunday and I haven’t seen Highway. Unless I see her film soon, I can see a major squabble coming.”
He admits to missing his mom Mona Kapoor,”I do, but I know she resides in me and I reflect her in every step I take.”

Arjun’s next ‘Thevar’ with Sonakshi Sinha,  his dad Boney Kapoor’s film, is the one that he is enjoying working in,”Dad has so much experience in the business but he lets me find my own space on the set and enjoys watching me run around and enjoy myself.”