Shah Rukh Khan

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan became quite emotional while watching the raw footage of a documentary called ‘Living With KKR’ made on his IPL team ‘Kolkata Night Riders’. SRK’s Red Chillies Entertainment had bought Kolkata Night Riders  in 2008 in partnership with actor Juhi Chawla and her businessman husband Jay Mehta.  The documentary will trace the journey of Shahrukhs team   which had initially failed to impress with their lacklustre performance in the initial four years. But went on to become the champions by defeating Chennai Super  KIngs in 2012.




According to sources, A teary eyed SRK said,”It looks very nice…. I got emotional… It made me cry. I want to thank my team KKR and everyone associated with it. It is not a PR or marketing tool. We had a great learning experience. I am glad we made interesting journey for people … Youngsters to look at us,I think winning does matter.. It does make a difference, it makes you feel stronger. If you win then a documentary will be made on you. So I would say one must go and win.”

Shah Rukh Khan who has given the voice over to this documentary will speak about the journey, his love for Kolkata, equation with Sourav Ganguly, the first captain of the team, other players, and how the team emerged a winner after a shaky start.Well the learning lesson throughout their entire journey was to stick to your goals and dreams, working hard. It is tough to make films than this. I want to make my team more strong and passionate. I did feel sad when we lost nine matches in a row but I never showed my anger or scolded n the players or anyone. As I did feel that the players too were disappointed not winning the match… They did not lose any match purposely

Shah Rukh Khan further added that of the two its Juhi who is more superstitious than him,”It was she who felt the black color T-shirt was not doing good to the team and hence we changed the color. But when our team used to bat first, I used to leave late from the hotel thinking if we lose wickets early it is difficult to smile and cheer in front of people. On the day of our final match the one that we won I did pray for every ball. I told my daughter I will make sure we win not by playing but praying,” King Khan is happy with the  team that they are having for this season.

For all you SRK fans the documentary ‘Living with KKR’ will air from February 24-27 on Discovery channel.