Taapsee Pannu' photoshoot

Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu after the recent buzz of her new venture, wedding factory, is just enhancing her services for the same day by day.

Taapsee being a part of Bollywood wishes to make her company the right subway to the filmy Bollywood weddings, for which we heard she was on an Indian travel spree

Tapsee is now taking it to the next level with a special door-to-door designer service for the same.

Taapsee plans to get a few designers on board from Calcutta Mumbai and Delhi for a designer’s collaboration with her wedding company.

With this we completely get it that Taapsee plans to deliver nothing else than a grand dramatic wedding experience to their customers.

Sources confirmed that a few designers approached Taapsee for a collaboration with The Wedding Factory.

Tapsee has big plans for her venture and is working very hard towards it.

When contacted Taapsee, she said : I always wanted to incorporate these services in order to give my clients a one stop shopping experience for their weddings. In talks with a few designers, will finalize something soon.

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