Hrithik Roshan with Sussanne

Bollywood couple Hrithik Roshan and Susanne Roshan separating from each other, after seventeen years of togetherness was a shocking news to many and Hrithik’s statement of Susanne deciding to seperate from him was taken as a way of gaining pity by her friends. Sussanne Roshan on the other hand was glowing at her store launch and had no bad feelings against her husband for saying that.


According to sources, Sussanne said, “No, I don’t feel bad about what Hrithik said because I will always respect, love and care for him for the rest of my life. So, I will never feel bad for anything he says or does.”

She also said that she was able to cope with this emotionally trying period of her life due to the people around her, “I am fortunate to not feel any pressure because I am surrounded by good people… my family, my in-laws ¬†they are all good people. So, I don’t think anything is bad. sometimes in life, two good people have to part. One should move on and enjoy other things in life.”
Regarding reconciliation between the two she was”Reconciliation? I don’t know. Maybe…I really don’t know…”
So we feel given a chance there can be a reconciliation between them sometime in near future.