Sushmita Sen MeToo Movement India Tanushree Nana

From commoners to the B-town celebs, many have come forward to speak on the Tanushree-Nana controversy. It seems Tanushree has shaken the entire nation by bringing her past back. After Tanushree’s statement on Nana Patekar, few journalists, and other victims opened up on social media and the names of many A-listed celebs are now included in the list of sexual assault. The #MeToo movement has started in India too and in an interview with The Quint, Sushmita Sen spoke at length about the ongoing controversy and #MeToo movement.


In a conversation with The Quint, Sushmita said, “I was reading an interview of Tanushree Dutta this morning and she is right that it isn’t about the coming of a #MeToo campaign. By all means, it will come and it will go. It is far deeper. It’s a mindset. To change that, you’re looking at an entirely new generation being raised and being educated to believe in their rights and responsibilities. So, I don’t think a campaign will do it. We’re not ready for that yet.”

Speaking on Amitabh Bachchan‘s statement on Tanushree’s case, the actress said, “I don’t like to speak about someone else because everybody has their own reasons for it.”

“As far as I am concerned, I think it’s time we stop treating everything as a problem of a sector, it is a basic human right. To live a dignified life and that concerns everyone. It isn’t just about film industry because you are talking about an actor, it isn’t about the person from the media industry because it’s only related to the media. Women exist in all sectors today and thank god for that. Their safety and their integrity is very much everyone’s responsibility.” added Sushmita.

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