Sushant Singh Rajput broke up with his long time girlfriend, Aankita Lokhaande a couple of months back, only to shock their fans. Since then, the actor is being linked to his ‘Raabta’ co-star, Kriti Sanon.


Apart from this, he is gearing up to promote his upcoming film ‘M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story’. It’s but obvious that Sushant will be bombarded with questions on his personal life during the promotions of this film. But, now that things are already out in open, it seems that Sushant does not mind talking about his failed relationship in public.

Speaking to a leading daily, Sushant recently opened up about his relationship. He said that his relationship with Aankita will always stay with him. “It’s like thinking of the future and not knowing what is going to happen next. I am just focusing on the day-to-day affairs. I am busy with my work and that keeps me going. I do not think about the future. I do think of the past and I know that there are very few things I will remember when I am dying. And this relationship will be one of those, because it has defined me in a way nothing else has for so many years. I cannot not be without it, it is within me… I am living with it and in it every day, so yes, I miss that obviously,” quips the actor.

Further speaking of what makes a relationship successful, Sushant says, “The most important thing is trust and compatibility. After a certain point of time, you run out of ways of expressing your love, and you sound repetitive. You should have a companion who you can actually talk to, and have a very entertaining conversation. So, compatibility is extremely important. Lastly, do not expect anything from each other in a relationship. I don’t expect anything from even myself. You should be happy because the other person is happy. You are just figuring out ways to make him or her happy so you become happy. But there is no way that you will be in a relationship and be psychologically secure because one thing that is inevitable in the future is: Yeh toh jayega… Sab kuch jayega… You are aware of it though you don’t entertain the thought. So, if you are craving for psychological security vis-à-vis the future then there’s going to be a problem. You should be just living in the moment, be here right now, just trying to make the other person happy and think of the moment when you will be happy. Think myopic.”

On the work front, the actor is all geared up for ‘M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story’ releasing on September 30.

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