A good deed, indeed! Sushant Singh Rajput, who has struggled hard to make it big in Bollywood, has taken up the cause to provide education to the underprivileged kids. Sushant and his team have come up with a plan to provide free education to the kids through their organisation.

Sushant recently informed about the same to a news agency and stated, “My team is working on the idea where we are selecting a group of schools, and we will take a merit test of the kids. If the kids pass the exam, we will take care of their education cost for a year. Next year, they again have to sit for the test to get the free education. This is the first step and will work on other models. But I think this process will give kids a new excitement and encouragement to study and make them more competitive.”


All of these good thoughts come from Sushant’s late mother who was of an opinion that education helps furnish one’s thought process. Sushant said, “My mother always taught me that we educate our children not to become a doctor or engineer, but the impact of basic education reflects on their thought process and decision making. So even if you are getting into a creative profession like acting, your basic education will open your mind enough to think analytically. Therefore, I have taken this small step towards providing basic education to deserving children.” (Also Check: Watch: Sushant Singh Rajput trains for a gruelling action scene of ‘Raabta’ in this video)

More power to you Sushant!