Alok Pandey Sushant

Alok Pandey who worked with Sushant Singh Rajput in ‘M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story’ (Alok played Sushant’s friend) is totally broken by the death of the actor. We spoke to Alok and he said that his mind is totally blank currently. Last month Alok lost his father due to cancer and now the death of Sushant has totally shaken him.

On June 14, when he got a message from one of his friends informing about Sushant’s death, he got angry and asked him not to send fake news (Alok thought Sushant’s death news was fake). Then when messages started flooding in on his WhatsApp and Facebook, he turned on the television and was shell shocked. “I am struggling for eight years and after this, my mental stability is shaken and am broken”, Alok said.


Alok last spoke to Sushant when ‘Chhichhore’ was released. He said, “I wished him good luck and he replied back to me. He used to treat me like his small brother and was very loving and caring. My last WhatsApp chats with him was in 2016 when ‘M.S Dhoni: The Untold Story’ released. He appreciated my work and he remembered each and every dialogue of mine in the movie. He was such a big star but still so down to earth. Later, we lost touch as he might have changed his number. Then a couple of times I got messages from his friends that Sushant wants to meet me but at that time I was at my hometown. Plan bante hi reh gaye , lekin hum kabhi mil nahi paye, aur bohot sari baatein adhuri reh gayi.”

Recalling an incident from the shoot of ‘M.S Dhoni: The Untold Story’, Alok said, “During one of the breaks in the shoot, he spoke about what he had achieved in his life like money, house, car, name and fame. Then he used to say, “What next? Kya life hain yaar…” Now, I understand what he was talking about. He lost his peace and when one person climbs atop in his life and career, he becomes lonelier.”

The actor also said that the day Sushant committed suicide, he wrote a poem for him in the morning like around at 9-10 am and also tagged him. And then after two hours, his death news broke.

Alok held everyone around Sushant responsible for his death. He said, “This suicide is not of Sushant, but the failure of the entire industry. When someone is in such a depressing situation, it is our responsibility to be with that person.  This is a big loss for the industry as it has lost an actor who wanted to do differently from the league. He was a world-class actor and look at the choice of films he did.”

Talking about the reports of Sushant’s arrogance and tantrums, Alok said, “He was a simple guy who never used to talk about the industry but always about his hometown and small things and was so aware of his roots. He was someone who mingled with everyone and he was not arrogant at all. There were so many rumours and this negativity affects mental health. After making a mark in TV, he made his own mark in Bollywood, helped so many NGOs and he was balancing everything so well. All the Khans had a different world and Sushant made a different world for him with his own talent.”

“He might be disturbed and this made him take this drastic step. He gave such a great lesson in ‘Chhichhore’ but I wonder why he couldn’t save himself from suicide. We will always remember Sushant through his works,” ended Alok.

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