Sushant Singh Rajput MS Dhoni Depression

Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide and left for his heavenly abode yesterday. After his death, it was said that he was suffering from depression. Since the news of his death came out, people all over have been talking about depression, and how to stay safe from it. Now, a video of SSR from one of his most popular film’s, ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story’ is going viral, where he openly admitted that he was starting to feel depressed.

The video is from the scene where Sushant as MS Dhoni is sitting on the railway platform contemplating his life’s choices when his reporting officer comes forth and speaks to him. While explaining to his officer, as to why he wasn’t feeling good, Sushant as MS Dhoni says, “I’ve started feeling depressed.” The video clip is going viral all over. Have a look:

Now was that a hidden message of Sushant’s real life? Well, we will never get to know.

Sushant’s performance as MS Dhoni in the movie was exemplary, and people from all over the world praised his performance. However, when it came to awards, he was shortchanged and he received hardly anything for his efforts. It was probably because of these things, where he was doing great yet was being not given the due importance, which led to him taking this terrible step of suicide.

We hope Sushant is now is a much better place. May his soul rest in peace.

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