Shah Rukh Khan

Supertsar Shah Rukh Khan who was recently injured while shooting for Farah Khan’s ‘Happy New Year’ when a heavy door fell on him was rumored to have a knee surgery but now it seems that the Khan will not need surgical intervention. Since SRK has an old knee problem and had fractured his shoulder recently, there had been worries that these injuries had been aggravated but now his doctor has said that there is no need to operate upon.




According to sources, SRK’s  Physician Dr Ali Irani says, “Shah Rukh Khan has suffered from ‘bone contagion’ of his shoulder. We had given him first aid and allowed him to complete his shoot that day. We did various tests. A CT scan and a digital x-ray were done. Along with Dr Sanjay Desai, we examined his injuries and we concluded that no surgery was required. We will allow the bruises to heal naturally, along with physiotherapy, which SRK will have to undergo at least twice a day.”

He further added, “SRK also has a ligament injury on his left knee, which was operated on 12 years back; he is being treated for the same. After a re-examination two weeks later we will decide if anything needs to be changed.”

So isn’t it a good news for all his fans who were quite concerned about their Badshah Khan.