Coffee With D

The makers of ‘Coffee With D’ have been through sleepless nights after receiving phone calls and threats from the underworld. The movie which deals with the fictitious journey of a journalist who interviews an underworld don, landed itself in troubled waters as real life underworld threats started pouring in, due to the theme of the subject.

After postponing the release date of the movie from January 6 to January 20, the makers had planned to incorporate changes owing to the threats, but it seems that they have now decided to release the movie on January 20 without any cuts.

The producer Vinod Ramani and director Vishal Mishra have mutually decided to release the uncut version. Director Vishal Mishra says, “When we started to actually edit the film according to the threat calls, I was distressed and uncertain as to what can we edit. The threat calls warned us to change the dialogue of all the scenes of the character of the underworld don, which they say is in negative light. I was very clear on that the essence of the film should remain intact. After a lot of contemplation, we have finally decided to release the uncut (albeit CBFC certified) version irrespective of these threats.”


The movie stars Sunil Grover, Zakir Hussain, Dipannita Sharma and Anjana Sukhani. Produced by Apex Entertainment, the movie releases on January 20.