Sunanda Pushkar

Sunanda Pushkar wife of  of union minister Shashi Tharoor was found dead in a hotel room in Delhi. The two of them were recently in news for a cross border Twitter war between Sunanda and Shahshi’ s alleged woh(a Journo) from Pakistan . The whole country was shocked even Bollywood celebrities were shocked by the sudden demise of the socialite and they took to Twitter to express their shock and disappointment.


 Here are some of their tweets-

SHILPA SHETTY ‏@TheShilpaShetty Deeply saddened and shocked by the news of Sunandas demise. Loved her for her joie d’vivre and her positivity..May her soul rest in peace:(

Karan Johar ‏@karanjohar Absolutely Shocked to hear about Sunanda!!!….tragic to say the least….


Baba Sehgal ‏@OnlyBabaSehgal never play with somebodys heart, have bn tweeting abt it on & off, took a toll on sunanda pushkar’s life, am shocked, sad & angry RIP..

Sonu Nigam ‏@sonuniigaam I can’t believe my dear friend Sunanda Pushkar has left us all. Am shattered. What a lovely soul. Zindadil Catastrophic news.

Sonu Nigam ‏@sonuniigaam Sunanda @sptvrock …..crrrrazy woman……..!!!!! Whyyyy yaaaar???? How dare u go like this? Not done!!!

Truly a sad event, May her soul rest in peace .