Jiah Khan

In a new turn of events regarding the ‘Jiah Khan suicide case’, her mother Rabiya Khan has carried out a sting operation on eight crucial witnesses whose statements had been used by the police to prove that Jiah had committed suicide. On the other hand Rabiya claims that her daughter has been murdered.

The eight crucial witnesses are Anju Mahendroo, Dr. Ramesh Aggarwal, Dr. Rahul Datta, the building watchman, and two florists. While these 8 had given statements corroborating police theory that Jiah had killed herself, the transcripts submitted to the court shows them going back on their statements. Rabiya used the transcripts to file a fresh petition at the Bombay High Court demanding the case be transferred to a Special Investigation Team keeping in view the possibility that Jiah was murdered.


The petition filed on Saturday, seeks a stay on proceedings against the only accused in the case – Jiah’s ex-boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi – as well as addition of charges of rape and forceful abortion. As per sources Rabiya said, “I wanted to find out what is it that these people know but I don’t. I did not expect the police authorities to help me. Therefore, I did this (sting) so that people can know the truth.

” Following are the other major points in Rabia’s petition: 1.Rabiya has complained to the Mumbai police commissioner about a threat received on February 25 asking her to withdraw proceedings, by a man who visited her house. 2. No call data record of Aditya Pancholi or Sooraj attached to the charge-sheet to authenticate the statements given by them or to show their whereabouts and the people they were talking to around the incident. No verification of Aditya and Sooraj’s stands from independent witnesses. 3.

Jiah’s photographs taken at her home and hospitals not part of charge sheet 4. While Jiah was found dead wearing a night suit, she is seen on CCTV entering the house in a track suit. This track suit is still missing. 5. No panchnama indicating seizure of Sooraj’s Blackberry in the charge sheet – indicating that they may not have seized it at all. Also no attempt to recover deleted BBM messages to Jiah from Sooraj’s phone on the day of incident. 6. The police report admits there was a telephonic conversation between Aditya Panscholi and the investigating officer Kalpana Gadekar. This despite the fact that a reply received under RTI by Rabia says that Gadekar was not on duty on the day of incident. We hope that the truth is revealed soon,  so that Jiah Khan’s soul rest in peace.