Salman Khan

Salman Khan the favourite  hero of ‘Aam Aadmi’, is all set to release his next ‘Jai Ho’ this January. Now it is a known fact that Salman Khan movie does not need much of a promotion. But this year Sallu’s Marketing team has come up with something new for his fans ‘A Cup Of Salman Khan’. Now during the screening of Jai Ho, his fans can sip a cup of Salman Khan coffee.


As per sources, “A cup of cappuccino will be named after the star, so instead of asking for coffee, people will be able to ask for ‘Salman Khan’ at the counter. Since he is coming back to the big screen after a gap of over one year – he was last seen in Dabangg 2, we want to add to the experience of the eagerly awaiting audience.”

Sallu is very much appreciated by his audience and  as the country is experiencing a cold wave up North a hot cup of Salman Khan cappuccino will be truly appreciated by the fans.