Shah Rukh Khan

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan who was recently injured on the sets of Happy New Year a Farah Khan production  when a heavy door fell on him injuring his knee and shoulder, The Khan was immediately rushed to the hospital and tended to by the doctors there . SRK was advised complete bedrest by the doctors but the workaholic that he is never paid heed to the good doctors advice and now it seems that his knee is giving him trouble and might require surgery.




According to sources, Shahrukh’s doctor Sanjay Desai said,”After the door fell on him, his kneecap has been badly bruised and it is quite painful. We haven’t decided on a surgery although it is always on the cards. But I gave him knee injections recently.”

The doctor further added that though Badshah Khanis a lot better, he is not completely okay and that they are looking at other non-invasive options since he has already had nine surgeries for various problems.

We wish the Khan gets well soon and continues to