Khushi Shashi

The musical duo of Khushi Soni and Shashi Suman is back with the hit song ‘Soon’. Their song has already broken the internet with its catchy tune. The musical duo recently spoke to us about the changing music industry and the trend of remixes. They also spoke about the struggles of new talent in the music industry.

Shashi and Khushi also opened up about their views on the current trend of remixes. Shashi said, “I hate the way remixes are made these days. There have been a lot of good remixes as well. I like the recreation of ‘Humma Humma’, but not every song is up to the mark like how it should have been. Legendary songs ko kharab kardiya gaya hai. Which is not good, even ethically. The people I meet in my daily life, no one likes these remixes. Recreations should stop now and they will now that the time is changing.”

Adding to it Khushi said, “My take on this is that whatever you do, do it because people like it and not as a compulsion. I am not fully against recreations, but if it’s not recreated well, just because you have the rights and just because you have the power to use it, it should not be done because that is not right to the song. Like there is enough talent in this country. This trend has only begun recently, otherwise, there was only original music made earlier. We are not able to feed people original music anymore because the infrastructure is not supporting anymore. Music companies, movies, producers, actors they are not supporting, the whole system isn’t supporting. That’s why VYRL plays a very important role in our lives because they are first trying to bring up new artists to do original music. They are bringing back the whole independent music culture.”

The duo also spoke to us about new talent having a hard time entering the music industry as the hitmakers are recruited time and again, Khusi said, “According to me, whoever has come into the music industry were new talent at some point in time. It’s not that the father was a good singer, so the son turned out to be good. Yes, the industry supports jo chalta hai, the industry supports the hits. There is so much talent in this country, way too much talent in this country that there are not that many opportunities that you can have all of them singing one song each. It is a business as well. I agree with both sides of the story. Where I feel that yes new talent should be given work and things should be more favourable and at the same time, if you look from the business point of you, then it makes sense for a businessman to invest in something that is already doing well. So I think there should be a healthy balance. I think in Mumbai, getting a job is the most difficult job. In our industry meeting, the right people and being at the right place at the right time is the biggest challenge. More than doing work, you spend years just doing that. So there are goods and bads of both the sides according to me.”

Meanwhile, Shashi-Khushi is back with a groovy melody title ‘Soon’. The song is a perfect interpretation of a couple struggling to tie the knot as soon as they can. Check out the song right here:

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