Sonu Nigam Bhushan Kumar Marina Kuwar

Sonu Nigam has exposed T-Series head honcho Bhushan Kumar in his latest video. Sonu has accused the T-Series chairman and MD of attempting to sabotage his image.

In the video, Sonu said, “Bhushan Kumar, now I have to mention your name. You have messed with the wrong person. You have forgotten the time when you came to my home requesting me, ‘brother record an album for me. Brother, record ‘Deewana’ for me. Brother, introduce me to Smita Thackeray and Bal Thackeray, brother save me from Abu Salem. Abu Salem is abusing me, do you remember? Don’t mess with me, I am warning you.” (Sonu said this in Hindi).


Sonu also warned him saying, “Do you remember, Marina Kuwar? I don’t know why she backed out, but the media knows how the mafia functions. I still have that video with me. Now if you mess with me, I will upload that video on my YouTube channel. So don’t mess with me.”

Watch the video here.

For the unversed, earlier, in the wake of MeToo movement, Marina Kuwar accused Bhushan Kumar of sexually harassing her.

A few days back, Sonu had posted a seven-minute-long video on Instagram where without taking names of the labels, he said that two music companies control the entire music industry. He labelled them as ‘mafias’.  He said, “I’ve had so many young singers come up to me, literally crying. They say that the composer and director want them to sing, but the music label doesn’t want them, simply because they are not that label’s artiste.”

Bhushan Kumar is yet to respond to Sonu’s allegations.

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