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Soni Razdan recently gave a moving performance in the song Ae Savere along with actor Taha Shah. The beautiful song is sung by Shankar Mahadevan and Archana Kamath Hegdekar while the lyrics are given by Sunayana Kachroo. Ae Savere explores the relationship between a mother and son. The son brings back his Kashmiri Pandit mother to their home in Kashmir after his father’s death and how she is overwhelmed by the memories that swarm her. Soni will move you to tears within seconds of the song and just like her daughters Alia Bhatt and Shaheen Bhatt. In an exclusive interview with us, Soni revealed that her family was amazed by the beautiful song and the emotional music video.

When we asked her the kind of reaction she got to Ae Savere, Soni told Bollywood Bubble, “For me there are two factors to this, one is like when my family genuinely loved it. I was so proud of the whole video. I was so happy and proud of the way it came out and I am so thankful to DanishRenzu for making this beautiful video and allowing us to be free. He directed us, we were very free,” Taha intervened and agreed with Soni. She continued, “So that feeling of when my family appreciated that and told me that they wept. One of my daughter’s said that she wept and wept and they all loved it and they all said how lovely it was. That really made me so happy because, when your family appreciates what you do it like does something.”


Soni further added, “The other thing is that people who don’t know me and I dont know them, the way they responded and the things they say. Beautiful messages they send, for me those were so moving. They got what we were experiencing. People are actually giving me long messages about what they love. That is very heartwarming.”

Taha who plays Soni’s son in the song said he has been getting messages from all over the world of how much the fans loved it, “The best reaction would be the bond between the mother and son. That’s what I really treasure because I am a mama’s boy and this video is going to be one best works of my life. People message me on Instagram from all over the world and they said that they went back and they’re feeling like how can they be there more for their parents and support them. When they said that the song made them cry, that is the pinnacle of what an actor can do.”

Check out the song below:

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